Our Management

Mercurius Capital Investment Limited

Board of Directors

Dr. Chang is our Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. He was appointed to the Board on 12 May 2014 and was appointed as Chief Executive Officer on 21 February 2017. He is currently the Executive Chairman of M.W.Group, an investment group of companies based in Malaysia. His business experience include hotel management, property investment, food and beverage, and lifestyle management. He is actively engaged in various associations’ community programme in Malaysia. Dr. Chang is currently the Chairman of Penang Teoh Si Cheng Hoe Tong, Chairman of Penang Chinese Clan Council, Deputy President of The Federation of Zhang Clan Associations Malaysia and Vice President of The World Zhang Clan Association.

Mr Mah, appointed to the Board on 7 September 2012, is our Lead Independent Non-Executive Director holding the position of Audit Committee Chairman and a member of the Nominating Committee and Remuneration Committee. Mr Mah is a Chartered Accountant (Singapore) who graduated with an accountancy degree from the National University of Singapore, with core competency in corporate finance and investment. He is an associate partner of Biztrack Consultants, a nominated advisor of the National Stock Exchange of Australia. Mr Mah gained his industries experience by having worked in the management position of entertainment content production company, licensed capital market services advisory firm, listed education provider, and as investment manager of listed private equity fund.

Mr Wong Leong Chui is our Independent Non-Executive Director and was appointed to the Board on 21 February 2017. Mr Wong is the Chairman of the Nominating Committee and Remuneration Committee and member of the Audit Committee. Mr Wong has 50 years of experience in the building construction industry in Singapore, where he had managed more than 50 construction projects over the span of his career building high-rise, low-rise,commercial and residential buildings and is currently the Managing Director of Chong Tong Construction Pte Ltd.

Mr Chieng You Ping is our Non-Executive Non-Independent Director and was appointed to the Board on 5 April 2017. Mr Chieng is the member of the Nominating Committee, Remuneration Committee and Audit Committee. Mr Chieng, with his extensive working experience, is diversely involved in the shipping industry, construction industry, land development industry and manufacturing industry. He is currently the Director for several entities, however he is more actively involved in Sin Matu Group, United Medicare Pte. Ltd., Double Power Sdn. Bhd., and Syarikat Lista Sdn. Bhd. Mr Chieng is also an active community member of the Foochow Association in Limbang. In recognition of his community service, the State Governor of Sarawak conferred him the honor title of Bintang Belia Sarawak (B.B.S.).